Are you tired of all the fighting, arguing, and ugliness on social media today? 

Do you want to stay connected, but all of the hate and name-calling on social media is wearing you down? You’re not alone. In fact, I’ve been feeling this, and so many others have come to me saying this that I decided to make my Step Above the Noise™ workshop available to the public for the first time ever.

Step Above the Noise™ is a powerful workshop designed specifically to help you calm the chaos, reclaim your peace, and stand gracefully in your truth – regardless of what’s going on in the world around you.

If that sounds good to you, you can get access to this workshop -- along with the worksheets, practices, plan of action, and bonus materials -- right now. By this time tomorrow, you can be living and working with greater clarity from a confident place of peace.

At the end of this month, this program will go up to it’s normal pricing, but for now because of just how crazy the digital social space is, I have decided to make it available for only $29.


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It's crazy out there. You’ve just opened up your social media and after scrolling through the shouting, arguing, politically-charged, blaming, and hate-filled posts, you’re wishing you’d left your phone sitting on the table and are considering deleting Facebook off of your phone for good (or at least until after the election this year).

The one thing keeping you from doing that is the desire in your heart to stay connected with those who you do care about – you don’t want to miss what’s happening with them. But it’s just so hard these days.

All of this hate in the world is making you feel sad, angry, overwhelmed. Maybe it’s making it hard for you to know what to do in your business. It’s causing you to be short-tempered with those you love. Maybe it’s making you want to self-medicate with eating, drinking, or any of the other distractions that make you temporarily feel better.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

During this time – with the pandemic and all of the uncertainty in our world – it is important that we don’t completely isolate ourselves, that we stay in community, and that we’re able to do so in a way that is healthy and life-giving for ourselves and those we interact with.

Imagine being able to live from a deep place of peace that comes from knowing who you are and how you want to show up in the world. What if you could stay connected, no matter what others are saying, with healthy boundaries that are good for you and those you care about? What if you could work with great clarity, knowing how to take action that is in alignment with what you want to create in the world?

I know that’s how I want to live and work and be in my relationships with those I love, and that is why the Step Above the Noise™ program is so important in our world today.

So, what do you get in Step Above the Noise? 

I'm glad you asked. 

Five Empowering Instructional Videos

In each video, I'll walk you through step-by-step instructions to help you intentionally create a digital world that is in alignment with your values.

Worksheets for Each Lesson

Think of these worksheets as your action plans for implementing the decisions you make and the practices you learn to step above the noise and gain clarity.

The BERS Method & Mindful|Flow

These are two of my most powerful practices (worth more than the cost of the program alone). If you implement them, they will change your life for good.

Bonus Materials & Additional Resources

I've also included several bonuses and resources that you can explore to help you stay above the noise and deepen the benefits you'll get from this program.

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Hey There. I'm Melanie.

I launched my first business straight out of college when I was just 22 years old -- back when Facebook was still known as TheFacebook and most people still didn't have smart phones.

During my decade-and-a-half in the business world, I've worked with thousands of people and small businesses all around the globe. This has given me first-hand insight into the things that tend to cause people to feel stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed out. And it's no surprise that the current state of affairs in our world is magnifying these feelings of chaos for everyone. 

One morning during my Mindful|Flow practice (which I'll teach you in this program), I prayed and asked if there was anything - based on my knowledge and experience - that I could contribute to help people in the midst of all of this chaos right now.

The answer I got was this program. If you'll join me, I'll show you how you can step above the noise, calm the chaos, and stand gracefully in your truth. I'll show you how you can gain clarity, and build a digital social experience that is life-giving and in alignment with your most important values.

If this sounds good to you, then join me today. When you do this work, you're not only making things better for yourself, you'll become a light for others in a digital space that is very dark right now.

Wondering who this program is for?

The entrepreneur who feels like they need clarity to make progress in their work. There are so many things vying for our attention in the world today and distracting us from the work that we want to do. In this program, you’ll get the tools you need to quiet the noise and gain clarity so you can take meaningful action in your business.

The mama who is feeling overwhelmed with all noise she’s experiencing in the digital world, but wants to set the example for her kids for how to show up to digital spaces in a healthy way. The skillsets you’ll learn in this program will equip you with the right filters and guidelines to model the way for your kids.

The heart-centered person who is feeling tired and weary of the fighting, hate, and arguing in our world. There are so many in this category right now – you are not alone. You’ll learn how you can protect your heart, show up with confidence, and stay connected in community without it draining you.

The person who wants to feel less ruled by their emotions and response to what others are saying and doing. If you feel a bit like a pin ball right now – bouncing back and forth between the latest conflicting headlines and advice in our world, you’ll learn how to stand firm and filter all of the noise so that you can live with peaceful confidence.

The person who wants to gain clarity around their calling. You’ve heard it before – we are all here for a purpose, but it can be frustrating when we just can’t figure out what it is. This program will teach you a very specific practice that will allow you to step above the noise and tune into your inner wisdom and gain clarity.

Probably you. Most likely, if you’ve read this far, your gut is telling you to pay attention to this. There’s something here for you to gain or learn that could empower you to be living your best, freest, most fulfilling life. And I so want that for you.

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Still need more info?

Peace. Clarity. Connection. They can all be yours.

There's no escaping the truth that what we experience in the digital world is shaping how we experience every other area of our lives these days. Why not make sure that experience is life-giving and in alignment with your most important values?

You'll be doing yourself (and everyone around you) a big favor if you do. 

If you're ready to calm the chaos, reclaim your peace, and stand gracefully in your truth, then let's going. In this 5-Module Workshop, you'll get:

  • Understanding of how we’ve gotten where we are in our current digital state
  • Apply three integrity filters that will help you process what you see, hear and experience in the social space
  • Learn how to share, post, and interact in a way that is in alignment with your most important values
  • Help you establish guidelines for what you most want to tap into and what you want to contribute to the digital space
  • Experience the BERS Method™ which will empower you to immediately calm the chaos and reclaim your peace no matter what is going on in the digital (or real) world around you
  • Enable you to eliminate all of the garbage that has accumulated in your digital space
  • Empower to be absolutely clear about why you’re showing up in the digital world, what you want to experience and how to make that happen
  • Learn the antidote to all the noise and chaos in the world
  • Learn the universal truth about all people
  • Go through the Mindful|Flow™ practice which will help you tune into your inner wisdom and gain clarity
  • Empower you to step above the noise, calm the chaos, reclaim your peace, and stand gracefully in your truth in a loud and crazy digital world
  • On-demand, lifetime access to the content and material
  • Worksheets to help you organize and implement what you are learning

Bonus Items:

  • A Bonus Webinar for those who want to make real change in the world today. In this webinar, I'll walk you through some of the biggest traps our society is getting caught up in and show you some ways that you can help facilitate a true and lasting change.
  • Special solutions for online entrepreneurs that will help you navigate handling difficult topics in social spaces when you're growing an online business
  • A video speaking directly to people of faith with encouragement and instruction for letting your Light shine in a dark time
  • Extra resources for the moms + dads who want to model and create a safe space for their kids in the digital world
  • How to literally drain the excess electric energy you pick up from your devices out of your body

If you know that this workshop is for you, then don’t procrastinate and push this off to another day. Act now. You’re worth it. Not only will you get the best price that I’ll ever offer this workshop for, but you’ll also be able to get started immediately and begin showing up to your digital (and real) life from a place of confidence on a solid, peaceful foundation.

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