Choose Today to Create Something Meaningful

When I launched my first business back toward the end of 2004, the world was a surprisingly different place. It’s amazing how quickly things have changed in the last decade. Back then, Facebook was in its infancy—not even outside of specific colleges and universities yet. Contacts still existed in desktop rolodexes or if you were particularly technologically advanced, in the brand new, hand-held Palm Pilot type devices. Receiving an email was still exciting. Cell phones still flipped and were, by no means, smart. Although Internet Marketing had been around since the early to mid 90’s and we had moved beyond the dotcom bust, this space was still dominated by major corporations with big budgets. Google AdWords was in its infancy and Facebook ads wouldn’t even come around for four more years. Things that are normal conversation for entrepreneurs today were barely in existence then.

I love how many of the changes we have experienced over the last decade have leveled the playing field for new entrepreneurs. Now, there is more opportunity for more people to create success than ever before. We have the ability to utilize new technologies to build businesses that make money for us while we are sleeping (or spending time with family or vacationing). Most of us have a greater freedom in when and where we work than ever before. We have the ability to build businesses or even side-businesses around our interests and passions. We have more freedom to pursue our dreams and build amazing lives than ever before. We just have to choose to do so. And I sincerely want that for you.

I sincerely hope that this is your greatest year yet. I hope that this is the year you shed the fetters that hold you back and live each day with a mindfulness that yields a sense of fulfillment. I hope that you are empowered and equipped to actively design and build a business that fuels an amazing life. And regardless of the many changes I’m sure we’ll face in the world around us over the next decade, I hope that ten years from now when you are looking back over those years, you are proud of what you see. Choose to make today a significant milestone on your journey – marking a time in which you chose to show up more fully, take better action, and create something truly meaningful.

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