Grateful for Gideon

I learned recently that the woman who was responsible for rescuing Gideon died. This woman was responsible for the rescue and rehoming of hundreds of endangered horses and she fought for them right up until she lost her life to the complications of an aggressive form of breast cancer. I didn’t learn of her passing until a few weeks afterwards, but I hope that in her transition to the afterlife that she was able to get a look at all of the horses she saved. And I hope she found joy in Gideon’s life.

When Gideon arrived here, it wasn’t my intention to keep him. I simply planned to pick him up for her, evaluate him, and help him find a safe and loving home to move him to. Lo and behold, that home was to be with us.

I’ll never forget the terrified, stressed animal I saw when I first laid eyes on him. He was suffering multiple injuries (superficial injuries, thankfully) with evidence of many past injuries that were more severe.

Once home and in his new stall, I...

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