The Great Life


I can’t say as to whether I was born with a driven, type-A personality, but there’s no doubt I developed one over the years. Driven, results-oriented, and passionate, I barreled my way through my high-school years and on into college. Sports, clubs, organizations, name one and I was probably an active member (or leader) in it. I participated in things that mattered to me and strove to do as much as I could and make a positive impact in the little world around me. And the truth is, through those years, I did accomplish a lot of really great things.

But during those years, one of the things that stands out most to me is a road trip. Between my freshman and sophomore years of college, a friend and I loaded up my ’92 Oldsmobile (appropriately named Granny) and headed west from the hills of Tennessee where I’d grown up. Six weeks, 18 states, and thousands of miles later, I moved into my new apartment in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, when I close my eyes and think of the magical moments in my life, many are from this trip. The first time I dipped my feet into the Pacific Ocean. The night a bear walked through our campsite. The peace I felt sitting on a rock overlooking Lake Tahoe while my friend went for a swim. The day a large drunk man warned us about a murderer running lose in the woods in Oregon. (What? Haven’t heard that story? I’ll have to tell you some time.)

For me, this road trip was the first time that I actually enjoyed the journey more than the destination. As one who had valued results and accomplishments above all else, this represented a huge shift for me.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until years later when I’d nearly depleted my health and grown distant with my friends as I was driving for results in my business at the expense of all else that this shift firmly took root in my life.

That’s why I have a heartfelt desire to empower smart entrepreneurs to live great lives that are powered by good businesses built in a healthy, life-honoring way. Results, success, and profits are crucial. And so are great health, good relationships, and time for important causes and passions. And we are so fortunate today to live in a world that makes this more possible than ever.

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